Offer your guests top advice consistently

 Plan here and now: offer realtime information and availability on cultural, touristic and leisure activities.

 Do what the locals do: enjoy great deals.

 Automate your affiliate relationships: manage your alliances at the click of a button.

 No matter who, no matter when, offer great advice consistently


Promote your services online with full booking functionality

Promote your hotel’s offering: highlight your services, recommend selected activities and make your menu digital.

Advertise in the right place: be there when they are deciding.

Real-time booking management: don’t change your ways, we adapt.

Easy integration: connect CoolBook with your ERP seamlessly.


Invest in your relationships with your clients

Break the language barrier: access to a 24/7 multilingual service

Gamify your customer experience: entertain and increase customer loyalty.

Better manage your resources: free up your staff from non critical tasks.

Multi-platform service: Mobile App, in-room Tablet, Smart TV and Web.


CoolBook is a technology based startup specialized in software development and management solutions for the hospitality and tourism industries.

CoolBook has the mission of satisfying the needs of tourists where and when they need help the most.

In a unique multilingual gamified experience, CoolBook unites hotels with the service providers around them.



Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Tools for Hotels

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